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echoes of tess

Soft, Distant, Forever Bouncing Back

Tess ;B
5 October
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Stickler for correct spelling and grammar. Frequently obsessive and fangirlish. Fat. Single. Writer of fiction. Lover of music. Libra. Of Irish descent. Bad dancer, but I dance anyway. Student of as many languages as I can afford. Procrastinator. Owner of severe potty mouth. Brunette. Sandwich slinger at Subway. Geek right down to my very molecules. Collector of teddy bears.

My momma is my hero and I aspire to be like her everyday.
My brother is my best friend and without him I would be lost.
My dad is my champion and everyday he helps me take another step forward.
My cat is my baby and I adore every ginger fur on his fatass little body.

I laugh at everything. Even stuff that isn't supposed to be funny.
I would go flippin mental without music. I need it all the time to keep myself from strangling someone.
I have a temper. Sometimes I say things without meaning to.
I always say I'm sorry.
Sometimes it takes me a while to admit that I'm wrong.
I wish that I could trust people wholly. I can't because more often than not, when I do, they let me down.
I still try.
I cry like a baby at the slightest provocation, but that doesn't mean I'm weak.

Life is art.
Marvel at it, analyze it, ponder it.
But most of all, enjoy it.

.oO0Oo. Friending Policy .oO0Oo.

. | . This journal is semi-friends only . | .
Most of what I post under filter is classified as SSDD, my day to day stuff, work, family,
all that other blah that has no place floating around the Internet.
The good stuff, my writing, is unprotected and free for anyone's perusal.
However, should you feel the desire to friend me, by all means.
I don't bite (hard.) ;B

.oO0Oo. Goodies .oO0Oo.

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